Operating costs reductions deliver direct bottom line benefit. All the biggest brands in business are investing and reaping the rewards of saving and creating their own energy. Not only do our energy solutions provide an economic incentive but increasingly customers are looking for businesses to show environmental leadership with a number of businesses utilising sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. 


In many businesses lighting is often old, inefficient and emitting poor levels of light quality which negatively impacts the working environment.

INECO Energy prides itself on our bespoke lighting solutions which are designed for efficiency to deliver the optimum light levels, utilising the least resources to deliver the greatest returns. 


  • Deliver significant energy cost savings
  • Improve the light quality to enhance the working environment
  • Reduced maintenance costs of replacing bulbs

Solar PV

Without solar we would not be able to sustain life on earth, recently developments in Solar PV has made the technology commercially viable with over a million households in Britain alone now benefiting from Solar PV. The cost of energy has been inflating annually for a number of years now with increasing populations and electronic devices. However with ageing power stations and delayed nuclear a scarcity of supply has seen prices creep up with concerns being raised about keeping the lights on. 

INECO Energy delivers a complete solar solution enabling businesses to take control of their electricity costs.


  • Energy independence reducing risk of energy inflation and future-proofing energy costs
  • Asset utilisation of roof space to deliver increased benefits
  • Renewable energy source which reduces carbon footprint 

Low Energy - Higher Performance Computing

Nobody disputes that the desktop computer has revolutionised business.  From the early days repetitive and complex tasks have been assigned to these devices and the function has been completed with little human effort.  However as we make greater demands we have had to increase the capabilities such that computers started to become 'energy hungry'.

In the 1990s organisations were taken to task over this energy use and computer hardware manufacturers started to increase performance at the same time as driving down the energy use.  Today we have computers using nominal amounts of energy compared to hundreds of pounds per computer per year in the 1980s.


  • Massive reduction in energy costs
  • Ability to multitask and meet the demands that businesses have from their systems
  • Provide a professional solution that meets the security standards which business need to employ for corporate compliance