INECO Energy are passionate about educating our future generations. Schools play a pivotal role in educating the next generation about the importance of sustainability when combating climate change 

School funding crisis, budget constraints and cost pressures are all to familiar headlines in the news when discussing education. Schools are spending £500m a year on energy with it being one of the largest bills a school pays (after staff costs) with reductions in energy bills delivering much needed relief to balance budgets. 

Our holistic approach to energy solutions deliver much needed energy, carbon and cost savings which also provide real tangible examples of energy projects which aid to educate the next generation on sustainable energy solutions.  INECO Energy has a portfolio of energy solutions to alleviate the pressure schools are under so you can save your energy for education.  We work closely with Government and Private organisations who provide funding solutions for school’s energy projects so that there is no cost to the school. 


INECO Energy prides itself on providing better lighting for brighter schools and enhancing the learning environment. In many schools lighting is often old, inefficient and emitting poor levels of light quality which negatively impacts a child’s learning environment. Our bespoke lighting solutions are designed for efficiency to deliver the required light levels, utilising the least resources to deliver the greatest energy, environmental and financial benefits.  


  • Deliver significant energy cost savings
  • Improve the light quality to enhance the learning environment
  • Reduced maintenance costs - no more replacing bulbs
  • 5 year parts & labour warranty 
  • Ensure compliance with emergency lighting regulations and deliver increased safety to schools.  

Solar PV

Why not generate your own energy and earn an income from the surplus? More power from the sun hits the Earth in a single hour than humanity uses in an entire year.  Even with reduced tariffs, continued developments in Solar PV technology mean that solar remains a commercially viable proposition. 

INECO Energy believes in self-sufficiency, when it comes to energy no technology is as popular or as easily implemented as Solar PV to achieve this goal. We deliver a complete solar solution to schools enabling schools to take control of their electricity costs.


  • Generate your own energy and providing a level of energy independence
  • Purchase less energy and protection from future energy price increase
  • Generate a new income stream by getting paid for your surplus
  • Asset utilisation of roof space to deliver increased benefits 
  • Renewable energy source for educational purposes

Low Energy - Higher Performance Computing

With digital competency so high up the curriculum agenda schools need to invest, improve and inspire. As the pace of technology development continues to quicken and the tasks and activities on computers grows and becomes more demanding, it is a reality that school budgets cannot keep up with development. Investment in tablets has risen, but often the computers in ICT suites are not replaced and fall behind technology advances due to a lack of budget.

New computers use up to 95% less energy to run and are about 20 times as fast as most computers installed in school ICT suites today. Keep children focused with faster computers that cost less to run and develop enthused children and happier staff.


  • Save energy and reduce energy costs
  • New machines which are faster and hold the focus of the children
  • Advanced technology to meet demands of advancing curriculum
  • Less downtime due to maintenance issues
  • Inspiring the stakeholders to want to use the new equipment