Despite knowing it’s the right thing to do for our future, upfront capital costs can act as a barrier to realising energy efficiency projects. INECO Energy has several Public and Private sector finance partners who deliver funding which removes the need for upfront capital investment. The costs of the project are repaid from the energy savings and returns generated. 

Funding is often key to projects becoming reality, that’s why all our processes are set up for investment grade scrutiny. Funding requirements vary with each organisation and we have a variety of finance partners to deliver the right solutions.

Schools and Public Sector Funding

Salix Finance is a not for profit organisation which provides interest-free Government funding to public sector organisations to improve their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and lower energy bills. Salix is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Education, the Welsh Government and the Scottish Government. Salix was established in 2004 as an independent, publicly funded company, dedicated to providing the public sector with loans for energy efficiency projects.

Private Sector Funding

The private sector competes in a global marketplace with many competitors. Any opportunity to gain a competitive advantage must be taken or the business may risk being left behind. Our sustainable energy solutions deliver direct bottom line benefit, saving you energy so you can put your energy into your business. 

However, often budgets have been allocated to other things despite poor light quality, high energy consumption and maintenance costs. INECO Energy is able to provide support in accessing a number of funding streams to address these needs as outlined below.

Academies Funding

Academies funding requirements differ to that of maintained schools.  We have worked with a number of financial providers to enable academies to benefit from innovative financial solutions in accordance with the Education Funding Agency’s regulations.  

Other Funding

At INECO Energy we believe that bespoke energy solutions should be matched by bespoke finance solutions. We can discuss and tailor individual solutions which suit your requirements, from Power Purchase Agreements to Operating Leases and everything in between. 

INECO Energy works alongside a panel of specialist alternative funders to help customers access the finance they need – in an easy, affordable and flexible way. Agreement terms can be extended to provide “cash neutral” funding and typically no deposit is needed, which minimises upfront costs.

Contact us to discuss what finance solution would work best for you.