Sustainable Energy Solutions

INECO Energy specialise in delivering energy solutions which reduce existing energy consumption and generate new renewable energy to deliver net zero carbon emissions for a sustainable future. 

Listening and understanding your requirements we can utilise our ‘design for efficiency’ methodology to deliver bespoke solutions which generate long term environmental and economic returns. 

Our end-to-end processes ensure that from initial conversation to after service warranty, each step of the conversation is clear and understood. Our methodology is designed to minimise your time and maximise your benefits. 

LED Lighting

Our unique approach to reducing energy and money saving lighting focuses on delivering the “right light quality at the right time”. Many lighting companies can reduce energy, but few ‘design for efficiency’ to ensure that light quality is designed to required guidelines and energy, environmental and financial savings are maximised. 

We are not trying to sell LED lights. We would like to show you how much energy can be saved, how this helps the planet and how you can make significant savings.

Solar PV

More power from the Sun hits the Earth in a single hour than humanity uses in an entire year. Increasing energy costs, corporate social responsibility and the returns on investment available from Solar PV systems are encouraging the world’s leading organisations to go solar – contact us for more information on how you can go solar too.

Although government subsidies have reduced, today more than ever solar makes good business sense.  Many forward-looking organisations are harnessing the Sun to create their own on site electricity and minimise reliance on the national grid. Solar is an easily implemented renewable energy source which enables clients to reduce their electricity bills, generate an income and improve their environmental credentials. 


Keep children focused with faster computers that cost less to run. New computers use up to 95% less energy to run and are about 20 times as fast as most computers installed in school ICT suites today. Less down time for kids, less energy for teachers! 

Business too can save a significant amount of time and money by upgrading their current computers to faster more efficient solutions.