As the pace of technological development continues to quicken and the tasks and activities on computers grows and becomes more demanding, it is a reality that school budgets cannot keep up with development. Investment in tablets has risen, but often the computers in ICT suites are not replaced and fall behind technology advances due to a lack of budget.

New computers use up to 95% less energy to run and are about 20 times as fast as most computers installed in school ICT suites today. Keep children focused with faster computers that cost less to run and develop enthused children and happier staff.

Business too can save a significant amount of time and money by upgrading their current computers to faster more efficient solutions.

Our team, includes a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner, with over 30 years of experience designing and delivering IT solutions.  

Our approach

All good relationships begin with a conversation; therefore, we listen and understand your requirements and discuss the stages of the project and timescales. 

Too often we see the same problems where schools 'buy in' to the latest technology without understanding how it fits into the education of children.  We listen to your needs and understand your challenges to develop a solution that fits these needs.

Once we’ve understood your requirements, we audit your existing IT hardware and understand the existing solution you have in place. We then design a suitable solution which delivers your needs and is within the criteria for ‘invest to save’ funding. 

While sometimes necessary, we shy away from a 'replace an old computer with a new computer' solution, we don’t believe you get the best results with this point-for-point option.

INECO Energy have delivered IT suites that run off solar panels, design concepts based on Microsoft Multipoint Server which continues with traditional desk-bound devices on an energy efficient footing, and upgrades to help schools continue running older energy efficient laptops for another couple of years.