Solar PV

INECO Energy believes in self-sufficiency when it comes to energy and no technology is as popular or as easily implemented as Solar PV. This has led to the deployment of Solar PV solutions across the globe as organisations of all types, sizes and shape seize on the opportunity to harness the sun to generate free electricity and improve their environmental credentials.  

Although government subsidies have reduced, today more than ever a solar solution makes sound commercial sense. Reductions in materials, installation and maintenance  costs coupled with energy savings and feed in tariffs make a compelling business case which delivers direct bottom line benefit. Increasing energy costs, corporate social responsibility and the returns on investment available from PV systems are encouraging the world’s leading organisations to go solar – contact us for more information on how you can go solar too.

There are many factors which can impact the performance of a PV system such as shading, system locations and electrical equipment requirements. We understand your requirements and objectives, to design a solar solution which delivers maximum renewable energy generation, energy savings and financial performance.  

Our approach 

All good relationships begin with a conversation; therefore, we listen and understand your requirements and discuss the stages of the project and timescales. 

We undertake a detailed energy audit and a building and local environment survey to determine the feasibility.  This information is fed through to our design team who “design for efficiency” to deliver the optimum solar solution delivering the greatest returns utilising the least resource.

Our development team undertake all the necessary applications to ensure activities such as grid connections, planning permissions and structural surveys are accounted for before installation commences. 

Our project management team will work with you to develop a suitable installation programme which to minimises any disruption to your organisations operations. 

Our installations are supported with performance guarantees, on-going monitoring & maintenance that provide complete peace of mind. 

Many of our customer invest themselves, self-funding Solar PV systems for long-term passive returns. However, often capital is constrained which is where our finance options enable customers to benefit without the upfront capital costs. Whatever your financial situation, INECO Energy will work with you to provide a bespoke business case for a solar solution which meets your needs.