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Do Solar Panels need cleaning?

By ineco | 18th August 2022

A question that we get asked on a regular basis is, Do Solar Panels need cleaning?

Well, the answer is, it depends…

Different sites, in differing locations, have different requirements. monitoring your arrays generation is the first step in understanding what’s happening, alongside frequent visual inspections of the system to help determine if Solar panel cleaning is required.

If panel cleaning is needed then we often use a solar panel cleaning robot.

Making sure that the correct tools are used to clean the Solar panels, ensures that all panels are cleaned consistently, this particular array consists of nearly 2000 panels.

With the current energy costs, ensuring that your Solar array is producing to its potential more than covers the cost of any maintenance required.

If you would like to know more about monitoring and cleaning Solar panels or if you would like help getting on the journey to cheaper, cleaner energy for your business, please talk to us