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Renewable energy for businesses: How to save money whilst doing your bit for the planet 

By Lily Veale | 29th June 2021

Renewable energy for businesses: How to save money whilst doing your bit for the planet

The seriousness of the climate crisis is accelerating. This is encouraging businesses to adopt sustainable business strategies and climate-related targets to reduce their carbon footprint. The transition to Net Zero is inevitable, and businesses are pivotal to delivering this. 

Installing renewable energy for businesses is one of the best, if not the best, way to reduce carbon emissions. But the environmental benefits are just the beginning.   

Are solar panels for businesses worth it?

Installing solar panels is a smart green investment. Businesses can benefit from huge financial savings as well as dramatically offsetting the carbon emissions produced during business operations.  

Whether you’re a small business within a factory, a large business within an office building, or an industrial business within a warehouse; solar panels are one of the best ways to cut costs.  

Generating your own electricity means that you don’t need to buy it from your electricity supplier. Excess solar energy is then sold back to the grid or can be stored in a solar battery for evening or overnight usage.   

What impact does a sustainable business strategy have on my business?

Corporate Social Responsibility is now more important than ever before. Purchasing trends show that people are prioritising environmental impact when buying products or looking into a business. Not only does this look great to customers but it’s really attractive for future employment and investment too.   

Investing in renewable energy for your business will put you at the forefront of your industry; showcasing efficiency, innovation, and growth.   

How does renewable energy fit into my sustainable business strategy?  

The installation of solar panels for your business is an extremely effective way to prove to your customers that you are serious about tackling climate change. Replacing polluting fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy is not only great for your brand image and reputation, but this could be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor.   

As well as switching to renewable energy for your business, there are many other practices to incorporate into your sustainable business strategy. These may include introducing a cycle-to-work scheme, reducing waste, and banning single-use plastic. For more ideas to include within your sustainable business strategy, click here. 

What sort of financial and environmental benefits does renewable energy offer?

To give you a better understanding of the great benefits that renewable energy can have for your business, we have published several case studies to our website including the financial and environmental savings for Ineco Energy customers.  

One customer, Thorlux Lighting, has a huge electricity demand at their manufacturing site. They already had a sustainable business strategy in place which involved planting trees to offset carbon emissions from their manufacturing operations. But they were determined to do more. 

Ineco Energy designed a 250kWp solar panel system, enabling Thorlux to consume 99% of all renewable energy generated. The system took under three weeks to install, with minimal disruption to the business. The solar panels quickly began delivering financial and environmental savings much higher than initially forecast. 

 Over £30,000 and 57 tonnes of carbon will be saved each year, with over £1 million savings expected over the lifetime of the project. Additionally, the business is protected against rising energy prices, has reduced its reliance on the grid, and has taken greater steps towards energy independence. 

How do I find out the benefits of renewable energy for my business?

 If you would like to find out the benefits your business could be enjoying by going solar, feel free to reach out to us for a chat. We can discuss your business requirements, energy usage, and sustainable business ambitions.  

Here at Ineco Energy, we are passionate about helping to protect our planet, saving our customers’ money, and educating the next generations. We’re on hand throughout the installation process; from getting the best funding and finance options, to designing and installing quality technology that will keep your business running for years to come.