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Solar Inverters, what are they and how do they work?

By ineco | 26th August 2022

Solar Inverters, the brains of the operation!

A solar inverter is a component in your solar panel system which changes the direct current (DC) electricity captured by the solar panels, into alternating current (AC). AC current is the standard flow of electricity required to power your business’ machinery and appliances and connect to the National Grid. Simply without a solar inverter in your system, you would be unable to power your business safely from your solar energy.

A high-quality inverter is an essential part of your solar system, often referred to as the brain of the operation. Capable of maximising the available energy being generated by your Solar Panels. The importance of inverters can often be overlooked during the design stage, but not here at Ineco Energy.

What does a Solar inverter actually do?

PV inverters are considered the brains of any Solar panel system. Their essential features include:

  • Maximising power output.
  • Ensuring that your solar PV system is operating safely to protect the local Grid.
  • Giving feedback information about power production.

What type of inverters do Ineco Energy use for our customers and why?

Ineco energy predominantly use SolarEdge technologies because their solutions provide enhanced safety, additional performance, and monitoring benefits. Solar Edge is the market leader in solar PV optimised solutions with a huge global presence and support.

Optimum safety

SolarEdge’s SafeDCTM, an integrated feature in SolarEdge power optimizers and inverters, ensures complete safety for installers, maintenance personnel, and firefighters. The system works by shutting down DC current, as well as voltage in string wires, when the inverter is turned off or in safety mode. Whenever AC power is shut down or the inverter is disconnected, DC wires are automatically de-energised and the output voltage of each optimizer equals 1V. This eliminates the risk of electrocution and unsafe, high voltage.

Optimum Performance

Using inverters in your solar panel system means that each panel works independently. As a result, shading, dirt, or leaves on a single panel, will not impact the performance of the entire system. This means more power can be generated, resulting in a greater return on your investment.

Solar Inverter

Optimum Monitoring

Alongside your new shiny Solar array, you will have full access to the SolarEdge monitoring platform. This means you can access your solar systems’ real-time data 24/7 This includes your system’s technical and financial performances. For example, individual panel performance, battery charge level, and energy consumption. Essentially, this means any faults or failures are easier to detect.

Optimum Care and precision

We pride ourselves on always working to incredibly high standards and will only use technology that meets those standards, this way we can ensure that every Solar array we design and install will perform to its full potential and inevitably result in greatly reduced energy costs and reduced carbon emissions for our customers.

Net Zero


If you would like to learn more about how Solar energy could benefit your business, please talk to us