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From conception to completion, find out more about how our solutions are designed for efficiency to deliver the optimum results, using the least resource to deliver the greatest returns.

Our Projects


Operating costs reductions deliver direct bottom line benefit. All the biggest brands in business are investing and reaping the rewards of saving and creating their own energy. Not only do our energy solutions provide an economic incentive but increasingly customers are looking for businesses to show environmental leadership with a number of businesses utilising sustainability as a source of competitive advantage.


In many businesses lighting is often old, inefficient and emitting poor levels of light quality which negatively impacts the working environment. We have experience of poor light levels reducing productivity as faults detection aren’t picked up. Staff well-being can be affected by flicker and areas which are too dim or too bright. Ultimately lighting plays a key role in ensuring staff are healthy and safe in the tasks they are undertaking. INECO Energy prides itself on our bespoke lighting solutions which are designed for efficiency to deliver the optimum light levels, utilising the least resources to deliver the greatest returns.

Solar PV

Business as usual has seen energy costs inflate annually for several year and shows no signs of stopping. A mixture of increases from wholesale energy costs, transmissions costs and environmental taxes all contributes to increased energy costs which directly reduces profitability. Solar PV provides an opportunity for business to reduce their energy load and the reliance on increasingly expensive grid supplied energy. Investing in on-site energy generating assets benefits the company’s carbon credentials and delivers cheaper, greener energy.


Yes, we have access to several funding streams where repayments are made out of the energy savings generated delivering a cash-flow positive project.

We aim to take the hassle out of the project, delivering a complete service from conception to completion.
We have a wealth of experience and have many happy clients who will vouch for the quality of our work.

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