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St. Monica’s Primary School



St. Monica’s is a voluntary-aided Church in Wales primary school in the Heath area of Cardiff. It serves families mainly from the local area who wish their children to attend a school with an Anglican ethos. It is a mixed school with over 110 pupils between the ages of 4 and 11.




The light levels in the classrooms at St. Monica's was very poor quality. Many existing light fittings were over 30 years old and had inefficient fluorescent technology.

The emergency lighting was also below required standards and needed to be upgraded.

St. Monica's had no budget for wholesale lighting replacement and their maintenance and energy costs were rising.


St. Monica’s turned to INECO Energy for help with their lighting situation. INECO have significant experience working with schools of all sizes to upgrade their lighting at no cost to the school using a number of approved funding and financing models.

INECO undertook a detailed lighting audit and survey of all the rooms in the school. This enabled the most energy efficient lighting solution to be designed which also significantly enhanced the light quality across the school. The emergency lighting was also upgraded throughout the school.

The full lighting upgrade was installed at no capital cost to St. Monica’s. INECO’s unique approach to survey and design meant all energy savings could be maximised and the business case satisfied all Government finance criteria. The cost of the project will be repaid through the generated energy savings. Maintenance savings were not included within the business case and therefore St. Monica’s will realise more savings from day one.

The new lighting at St. Monica’s has improved safety, delivered an enhanced learning environment for pupils and staff, improved their environmental credentials and reduced energy and maintenance bills for years.


Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings


"Light levels are so good that we don’t need additional lighting and our visitors can see all the activity within the workshop. Our safety risk is also improved because we won’t have to get up and replace the bulbs every year”.

Director, Brecon Mountain Railway