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Delivering optimum results; from conception to completion, our energy efficient solutions are designed to use the least resources to deliver the greatest returns.

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Reducing energy costs delivers direct bottom line benefits to your business, which is why so many organisations are adopting more energy efficient and renewable technologies. Reaping the rewards from reducing outgoings is arguably easier than increasing turnover as a means to improving profitability. From a customer viewpoint, the environmental approach of a business has never been more important. As the climate movement gathers momentum, customers are increasingly using a company’s approach to sustainability and carbon reduction as a factor in supplier selection.



Old and inefficient workplace lighting can emit poor levels of light quality, which negatively impacts productivity, quality of output and employee wellbeing. Dim lighting and flicker can lead to eyestrain, migraines and headaches, as well as increasing the likelihood of health and safety issues due to missed hazards. The HSE Lighting at work guide also links it to Sick Building Syndrome, which can result in increased absenteeism and reduced staff productivity.

Ultimately lighting plays a key role in ensuring staff are healthy and safe in the tasks they are undertaking. Ineco Energy’s bespoke lighting solutions are designed for energy efficiency, delivering optimum light levels using the least possible resources.

Solar PV panels

Energy costs have inflated annually for several years and show no signs of slowing down. A combination of higher wholesale energy costs, transmission costs and environmental taxes all contribute to increased energy bills that reduce profitability. Solar PV panel installation reduces the reliance on increasingly expensive grid supplied energy by delivering cheaper, greener energy harvested onsite, while increasing business sustainability and energy independence. Coupled with power storage, solar energy can provide the electricity needed to power your business through the day and night.

Energy storage

Solar panels generate energy during daylight hours, but your business may not be open every day to make the most of this solar power. The best solution for harnessing all this energy is to install battery storage, to enable use when you really need it. This means you use more of the energy you’re generating onsite, reducing your bills and minimising your reliance on the grid further, as well as delivering peace of mind in the case of a power cut. You will also benefit from selling unused energy back to the grid at the highest possible rate, dependent on your agreed peak tariffs and hours. 

As a supplier and installer of Tesla Powerwall, one of the highest performing batteries available in the UK, we can help you take the next step in energy independence and efficiency.

Electric vehicle charging

Why don’t we use the sun and wind to power our vehicles instead of burning fossil fuels?

The International Council of Clean Transportation has shown that electric cars are better for the environment, even after the vehicle manufacture and electricity required to fuel them. Not only do they reduce carbon and noise pollution, but they also reduce harmful NOx gases in outdoor air which have adverse effects on health, including reduced life expectancy.

Talk to our team to understand what electric vehicle charging solutions could mean for your business.

Measure, monitor and manage your energy

Creating visibility and transparency in your energy use allows you to make data driven decisions to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Understanding what, when and where your business is consuming energy is vital to give you the visibility required to effectively manage your energy.

Designing a measurement strategy through analysis of your objectives, operations and site infrastructure means that we can implement a solution which will give you the visibility and intelligence you need to deliver energy efficiency savings.

Our teams can help to identify opportunities through detailed consumption, pattern and trend analysis to maximise energy efficiency.

Talk to us to see how we can lift the lid on your business energy use.


Yes, we have access to several funding streams where repayments are made out of the energy savings generated, delivering a cash-flow positive project. Grants differ across regions, however we will find any applicable funding support and complete the application on your behalf.

Yes, solar panels work all year round, unless they’re covered in snow. But this is a rare occurrence, with less than 10 days of snow on average each year across England and Wales (Source: Met Office). It may not feel sunny for much of the year but we enjoy an average of around 1,500 hours of sunshine each year across England and Wales, so it makes sense to harness every hour of that and more. It’s not just sunny days where you’ll benefit from generating your own energy, as solar panels work on cloudy days too – it’s light particles that activate them rather than purely unobstructed sunlight. The level of energy generation will rise and fall throughout the year as temperatures and light levels fluctuate.
Each system is installed with an inverter, which has a digital reading, enabling you to keep track of the energy generated as a result of your system installation. Additional remote monitoring can be added to your project in the form of access to an app and regular email updates. We can discuss monitoring options with you at project planning stage.
The first benefit will be in having brighter workspaces for employees. Although not quantifiable, whiter and brighter light is a clear bonus of installing LED lighting instead of the slightly yellow light emitted by older generation lighting. More easily calculated is the maintenance and energy saving – as LED lights last so much longer than older lighting technologies, there’s an immediate reduction in cost both in terms of bulb purchase and bulb replacement by your maintenance team. Arguably the most important long term benefit you’ll be able to monitor is reduced energy bills as a result of having a more efficient lighting design and product in place.
We will do our best to complete the install around your working day, minimising disruption to your employees and working schedules. We can work into the evening to cause the least disruption to your workplace. At the planning stage of the project, we will discuss this with you and ascertain the most favourable times to complete the install.
Each install comes with a commissioning document approved by the relevant regulatory body. We are members of the Competent Persons Scheme, our work is accredited by MCS, CHAS, NICEIC, Carbon Trust and we abide by the Renewable Energy Customer Code (RECC).

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