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EV Charging

Drive into the future

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points provide power to electric vehicles. With EV sales gathering pace and government advocating their uptake, the installation of EV charge points is needed to accommodate the rise of electric vehicles.

What do we offer?

Ineco Energy provide EV charging for homes, workplaces and destinations ie shops, car parks, entertainment and hospitality settings.

Our team provide a full solution service, from understanding your requirements and objectives through design the solution that’s right for you, obtaining any permissions, installation and full metering and maintenance. We even assist with grant funding applications.

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Who can we provide for?

We can deliver EV charging solutions for anyone who wants to be able to charge their electric or hybrid vehicle.

If your business has car parking, then why not upgrade this asset to provide more for your staff and visitors. Installing EV charging may not only enhance customer service and employee satisfaction but could also generate a new income stream.

Schools, and higher education organisations can also provide EV charging facilities for staff and students.

Charging your electric vehicle at home is often the most convenient and cheapest way to power your car.

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What are the Benefits?

Plug into the future of driving and futureproof your home, business or local authority, reduce “range anxiety” and visibly display your commitments to clean transportation while encouraging others to follow your path.

Employee Satisfaction

It may not always be convenient or cost effective for employees to charge their vehicles at home. Providing a workplace EV charging facility delivers an added benefit for employees reduces range anxiety and demonstrates company commitment to cleaner travel.

Customer Service

Visitors to your office or business may appreciate that they can arrive and plug in, safe in the knowledge that during their meeting or visit, their car is being charged.

Financial savings

An income stream could be generated by charging employees and customers to charge their electric cars. The provision of EV charging may encourage customers, please clients and business partners and reduce staff turnover.

Carbon reduction

EV charging points can improve your organisation’s sustainability rating and help protect the environment by lowering carbon and NOx emissions, improving air quality and supporting local sustainable transportation.

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Is there funding available?

Yes! Ineco Energy has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to successfully applying for funding and grant options.

We can help you access the government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging Scheme. This subsidises the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations at home, or the workplace. Where £350 per socket is available up to a maximum of £14,000 (40 sockets).

OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme

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Who have we worked with?

We’re enjoying the benefits of EV charging at our very own Ineco Energy HQ!

     Ineco HQ / Mr Suciu

Take a look at our case studies.

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Yes, we work with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS), which delivers interest-free loans with no upfront cost, while the loans are repaid using energy savings. It is funded by the Department for Education, meaning all maintained schools and sixth form colleges are eligible to apply for funding to install energy efficiency measures, such as Solar PV panels and LED lighting, to enhance the learning environment and reduce energy usage. We are also able to manage the administration of the funding application to reduce the burden on your management and busy office team.

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