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July, 2021

Ineco Energy and Coventry Council Kick-Start Solar PV Programme to Cut Carbon: Press Release

• Coventry City Council and solar partner, Ineco Energy Limited, have this week begun installing 2.1 MWp of rooftop solar across 41 Coventry City Council public buildings.• Phase 1 which is funded by Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) grants, will install solar PV at six Coventry schools before the new term as well as Coventry […]

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Why I’m joining Ineco Energy 

Kickstarter, Blu, recently joined the Marketing team. In this blog, she explains why she is so proud to be working within the renewable energy industry. When the world was launched into lockdown at the beginning of 2020, bringing all human activity to a standstill, not only did the number of Covid cases drop significantly, but […]

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December, 2020

Guest Blog: “How cutting water reduces your carbon footprint as well as lowering your water bills”

At Ineco Energy we’re proud members of The Planet Mark scheme. One of the big benefits of this scheme is that it enables us to work with other organisations that share our values. One such organisation is Ecoprod. Ecoprod is a family-owned and run company with many years’ experience in the mechanical and building industries. […]

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July, 2020

Thorlux Lighting celebrates its solar PV one-year anniversary

The solar PV system at Thorlux Lighting is a year old! It’s generated 3.5% above forecast, delivering 228 MWh of cleaner, cheaper power and saved 55.2 tonnes of carbon. This is the equivalent of making 9 million cups of tea or driving around the circumference of the earth 8 times! Check out the full solar-powered […]

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January, 2020

Thorlux Lighting saves £1m with solar energy

Watch how Thorlux Lighting saved £1m: Thorlux Lighting in Redditch, Worcestershire, has invested in a rooftop solar PV system of almost 1,000 panels, which will save over £30,000 and 57 tonnes of carbon each year, with estimated lifetime savings of £1 million. Read the case study on this project here. Harnessing the sun to generate clean, […]

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Lighting up Redhill School for a new decade

We’ve kicked off 2020 by delivering a brighter learning environment for Redhill School. Their new energy-efficient LED lighting installation involved replacing dated fluorescent strip lighting, and will bring multiple benefits: Lower energy bills Lower maintenance costs, with no tubes to buy or fit Greater energy efficiency, for a lower carbon footprint Brighter classrooms, for improved […]

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December, 2019

Delivering cheaper, cleaner energy to Cardiff schools

We’ve given five schools in the Cardiff area the ability to produce their own renewable energy with the installation of solar panels on their roofs. Watch the video below Not only can these five schools save money by producing their own energy onsite, but they can reduce their reliance on the grid and reduce carbon […]

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November, 2019

Better performance from brighter classrooms

Brighter classrooms, brighter minds Providing the best learning environment for children and teachers may seem obvious, but many schools still have outdated, inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting. As well as emitting lower light levels in unfavourable yellow, such lights are always in need of replacement tubes and attract higher running costs. The opportunity to work […]

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What does net zero really mean and why does it matter to your business?

Like many businesses, you may be considering changes to your practices to reduce your environmental impact, often lead by moral or financial drivers. Recent government legislation to achieve net-zero by 2050 adds a legal factor into the mix too. But what does it mean? And how will it impact your business? What is net zero? […]

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October, 2019

Saving schools money with a switch to solar power

Increasing budgetary pressures in schools means more stress for headteachers and school business managers trying to balance the books. Taking positive action with energy usage can go a long way to saving schools money by reducing bills, a welcome outcome in the current climate. One Welsh primary school has saved over £3,000 in the first […]

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Become a favoured supplier with exceptional CSR practices

Environmental and social practices The emphasis on environmental and social practices in the supply chain has never been greater. This comes as no surprise when McKinsey states 90% of a company’s environmental impact comes via its supply chain. As the pressure grows on large corporations to display greener practices, then so does that on their […]

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September, 2019

Ineco Energy powers Thorlux to a new level of renewable energy

Thorlux Lighting became the latest innovator to choose Ineco Energy to assist in its mission to significantly reduce its carbon emissions at their production facility. The installation of 909 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of the professional lighting factory in Redditch, Worcestershire, is expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 1,500 tonnes and […]

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Creating a greener school without spending a penny

The Climate Change Movement Climate change is a hot topic in the world’s media. Global marches and strikes are becoming increasingly frequent, lobbying governments to force change by the masses rather than by the few. There’s every reason to support the movement towards greener living, at home, at work, in public spaces and in schools. […]

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June, 2019

The move to renewable energy

A landmark moment in energy production We reached a milestone in UK energy production in May 2019. We experienced the highest daily level of solar generated power last month, two days running, as well as an entire fortnight with no power generated from fossil fuels. These watershed moments demonstrate the growing importance of renewable energy […]

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May, 2019

The path to “net zero” – energy solutions that deliver

Ineco Energy’s vision is to provide energy solutions that deliver net zero emissions for our clients, saving money and the planet.  We welcome The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recent recommendation that this goal is achievable by 2050 at no extra cost. The report’s author, Chris Stark, said “This report would have been absolutely inconceivable just […]

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March, 2019

Wales powers up with energy from sustainable sources

Renewable energy is now a reality for the majority Wales’ use of energy from sustainable sources reached a record high of 48% in 2017, far ahead of any other country in the UK. A study has identified the ease with which Wales could increase this further. The Welsh government is being urged to commit to […]

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December, 2016

50% of UK electricity comes from low carbon sources

Milestones It has been a year of milestones for the shift towards greener energy: 5th May 2016 –  The first time since 1881 that Britain burnt no coal to produce its electricity. 3rd Quarter 2016 – More than half of the UK’s electricity was generated from low-carbon sources for the first time ever. We are pleased […]

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Budgetary pressures lead to Nativity play-per-view

A Worcestershire primary school facing budget pressures has asked parents and carers at St Josephs Catholic Primary to pay £1 a ticket to watch their child in this years Nativity play.

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