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The move to renewable energy

By ineco | 21st June 2019

Ineco Energy solar PV A landmark moment in energy production

We reached a milestone in UK energy production in May 2019. We experienced the highest daily level of solar generated power last month, two days running, as well as an entire fortnight with no power generated from fossil fuels. These watershed moments demonstrate the growing importance of renewable energy within the UK.

A combination of legislative assistance, media and activist pressure, and stronger financial business cases for investment in renewable energy, means we are making good progress on the path to sustainable energy usage. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Ineco Energy and we are proud to be a part of this positive action.

Solar PV panels on Thorlux Lighting's roofThe decarbonisation of the UK energy industry

The media has reported this week the past decade has seen coal generation plunge from 30% of our energy needs to just 3%, with a move to eradicate it entirely by 2025 when the final coal power station in the UK closes. Decarbonisation of the UK energy industry is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution. Ironically, what has helped the high levels of solar power is the UK experiencing one of the hottest decades on record. Couple that with increased wind speeds and it’s no surprise the supply of solar and wind power has leapt. However, the move away from fossil fuels is exactly what’s needed to reduce global warming and climate change.

Large solar PV array at Glassworld, CardiffBenefits for businesses to move to renewable energy

The cost of installing locally generated power sources, such as solar panels, has dropped significantly in recent years, creating a stronger business case than ever. This has manifested a situation where not installing solar panels may cost a business thousands over the longer term, thanks to relatively short payback periods. Given the availability of grants in many regions, the initial outlay to a business can be significantly reduced. Not only can a business benefit from lower installation costs and energy bills, it has an increasingly large bearing on supplier selection too. Many customers are selecting suppliers based on their environmental credentials so becoming a greener business can pay back in multiple ways.

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