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Wales powers up with energy from sustainable sources

By ineco | 15th March 2019

Renewable energy is now a reality for the majority

Large solar PV array at Glassworld, in Cardiff, WalesWales’ use of energy from sustainable sources reached a record high of 48% in 2017, far ahead of any other country in the UK. A study has identified the ease with which Wales could increase this further.

The Welsh government is being urged to commit to a complete move to renewable energy by 2035. There are potentially 20,000 jobs within the sustainable energy industry in Wales, so benefits for the move are widespread. The study by the Institute of Welsh Affairs outlines a ten-point plan to achieve 100% renewable energy usage. It requests further government investment to make it a reality.

Benefits of renewable energy

Solar PV Panels at R-Tech MaterialsThe move brings social, economic and environmental benefits across the country, as outlined in this BBC article. As well as more money being ploughed into the local economy, more jobs and lower carbon emissions are likely.

Many businesses and schools could generate their own electricity via solar panels. Using locally generated power can make these institutions more independent from the grid, while saving them money too.

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