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Educational Resources

At Ineco Energy, we are passionate about the environmental education of the next generation and beyond. We applaud the Teach the Future students who drafted their own Climate Emergency Education Bill before taking it to parliament on 26th February 2020. We hope Climate Education becomes the norm rather than the exception in schools across the UK.

In the absence of a formal structure for climate education, we’ve gathered some useful educational resources to assist in gifting children the understanding of the environment in which we live, and the impact we are having on our planet.


The Race is on – this excellent 40-minute video explains the climate emergency to older Primary and younger Senior school pupils. It details how our actions over the next 20 years will be pivotal in determining how climate change unfolds.

Renewables 2019 from the International Energy Agency – suitable for older children (10+), this short film (1m15s) contains some valuable stats about the transition to sustainable power.

BBC Teach film on Global Warming – aimed at KS2, this five-minute film shows children explaining to two aliens what global warming is and how the greenhouse effect is caused. It’s a brilliantly simple way to explain the effect of excess emissions on our atmosphere and the resulting effects on our planet.

Other teaching resources

Green Ambassadors by WWF  

Created by the WWF, these lesson plans are aimed at KS2 and KS3 children. Classroom presentation, factsheet and activity downloads can be found on this site too.

Young People’s Trust for the Environment

A great selection of lesson plans, factsheets and other useful downloads for teachers. Resources for KS1 upwards are available, including some excellent videos explaining renewable energy, how electricity is made and climate change.

Thoughtbox Education – Changing Climates curriculum

These wonderful resources cover the cause and effect of climate change while exploring healthy habits for sustainability. Covering the curriculum from ages 5-18, there are lots of lesson plans, teacher and student resources, as well as project ideas.

School Energy House Kit from SEACS

Sustainable Energy Across the Common Space is a joint venture between Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire and two French Local Authorities. They’ve produced this comprehensive set of cross-curricular lesson plans and accompanying activity sheets for KS2 and KS3. This kit is invaluable for teachers wishing to instil a thorough understanding of the effects of energy usage on the environment within the younger generations.

British Council Climate Change

These materials are intended to help students gain a broader understanding of planet maintenance and the effects of climate change.

Developing your own educational resources

One of the most positive aspects for the children in schools where we designed and installed solar PV systems, is the benefit to their learning. They’re able to use the solar panels as a visual learning tool to cover a wide range of topics, including weather, climate change, energy and languages. Your school could benefit from your own solar installation, delivering lower energy bills, a lower carbon footprint and educational value. Visit our Schools section to find out more, view some Case studies of other schools who have already benefitted, or Contact us to find out more.

 Solar panels at Great Lindford Solar panels at Heronshaw School Solar panels on school roof