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Winslow CoE Primary School


Winslow Church of England Primary School serves the town of Winslow in Buckinghamshire educating a capacity of 536 pupils between the ages of 3- 11. In 2018 the school received a letter form the Minister of State for School Standards congratulating them on their phonics screening check which rated Winslow in the top 9% of all primary schools in the country!



Winslow witnessed their energy costs rising whilst budgets reduced.

Their lighting was poor, inefficient and costing the school increasingly more in energy and maintenance.

The school had upgraded to LED on an ad-hoc basis however this had compounded the issue with an uneven light spread in classrooms and no funds to undertake a site wide upgrade, particularly as the ceiling's contained asbestos.


INECO took the time to understand the schools predicament and set to work coming up with a fully funded solution that saved the school money, improved the learning environment and reduced the schools carbon footprint.

The First step was to undertake a feasibility survey and energy bill analysis to determine the energy saving opportunity. It became apparent that LED & Solar PV would provide an easy first step towards achieving the schools goals.

A detailed site audit was undertaken using proprietary software to capture building dimensions and a full asset register. Our in-house design team then undertook a bespoke design, engineering solutions which provide the optimum output, with the least resource, to deliver the greatest returns which ultimately determined Ineco energy to provide best value. Our experienced teams installed the solution with military precision in a controlled and clean manner adapting around the needs of our clients whilst working with Asbestos containing materials.

The lighting has transformed the learning environment providing a lighter, brighter learning environment for users with many parents & pupils praising the school for installing solar panels.


Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings


"Does it always run this smoothly?"

Site Manager, Winslow CofE Primary School