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Solar: Thornhill Primary School

Thornhill Primary School is a 468-pupil school in Cardiff. A two-class intake and a nursery make up 15 classes of children spread across a large modern building. The school has a relatively low budget per pupil, relative to other schools in Cardiff, and therefore was keen to embrace opportunities to increase efficiency within the school.


The school leadership team recognised the benefits of embracing renewable energy early, with an existing solar photovoltaic (PV) system in place prior to engagement with Ineco Energy. Although this delivered financial savings and cleaner energy, it delivered limited renewable energy and had the potential to become significantly more efficient with some further thought and equipment.

By ineco | 1st October 2020

Improving existing technology

Given the existing solar PV system in place at Thornhill Primary School, Ineco Energy’s site audit included the energy generated already as part of the site audit. It was calculated that we would be able to add a further 52% saving in electricity costs with an expanded solar offering.

Additionally, our site survey revealed the need for partial new roof slates so we replaced these as part of the project.

We proposed a 148-panel solar PV system, which could save Thornhill almost 39,000 kWh of grid energy, the equivalent of making over 1.5 million cups of tea, while also reducing their emissions by almost 10 tonnes of carbon annually.

Award-winning commitment to environmental matters

Thornhill Primary now benefits from access to cleaner, cheaper energy thanks to their solar panels. With estimated annual savings of over £3,000 and lifetime savings of £138,631, the school will continue to benefit from the installation for years to come.

Thornhill’s dedication to environmental matters earned them the prestigious Ashden Sustainable School Award in 2015.

See the new solar roof at Thornhill Primary School:


Energy savings


Tonnes carbon saved


Lifetime savings