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October, 2023

Solar installation on cattle farm and abattoir returns double the estimated savings and halved the payback.

“There has arguably never been a better time for NFU members to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.”  Dr Jonathan Scurlock, NFU Chief Advisor, Renewable Energy and Climate Change, March 2022. A cattle farm and abattoir in the North of England, found they were nearing their maximum grid capacity and facing a sizeable bill […]

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September, 2023

Ineco Energy delivers Solar on one of Europe’s Largest EV Charging Hub’s at the NEC in Birmingham

  The Ineco Energy Solar installation at groundbreaking charge hub provides EV drivers with shade from the sun, shelter from the rain and generates renewable energy onsite to help power the chargers. The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, said “This is the biggest private investment in electric charging in the UK and is a […]

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UK’s largest charging gigahub at the NEC Birmingham unveiled

Ineco Energy is proud to support the launch of one of Europe’s largest EV charging hubs at the NEC. Opened today by Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. This Gigahub™ will help serve the seven million visitors attracted to the NEC Campus annually, along with a wide range of other road […]

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Do Solar Panels need cleaning?

Well, the answer is, it depends…different sites have different needs. Perhaps the best example of this is one of our clients who had 3 similar sized systems, in the same location – 100m apart. The middle system was impacted by bird fowling and required panel cleaning whilst the top and bottom systems were not affected. […]

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August, 2023

Latest Solar installation will save 43% on electricity bills

Sports equipment manufacturer Continental Sports Ltd, is powering its business with cheaper, cleaner energy for generations to come and saving 43% on its electricity bills. Managing Director, Nick Booth said about the project: “We are delighted with our solar project managed by Ineco. From start to finish the team were professional, eye on the detail, […]

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Energising the NEC Solar PV Carport

This Solar PV Carport will help to power one of Europe’s largest EV hubs! With over 180 chargers; of which 16 are ultra-fast 300KW chargers, this will provide best-in-class EV infrastructure in the ideal location at Birmingham’s NEC, close to motorways. If you’d like to find out more about installing your own commercial solar carport […]

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July, 2023

Another UK manufacturer has decided to ‘go solar’

They are estimated to generate 43% of their electricity from the sun. 600 solar panels have arrived onsite today ready for our latest installation! Talk to our friendly team at Ineco Energy about how we can help your business with its own solar PV system.

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Game, set and match!

It’s Wimbledon Men’s Final this weekend and in honour of the great game we’re looking at the returns at the Tennis Pavilion at Coventry’s War Memorial Park. Serving up 13,954 kWh of energy since last July, the panels have performed 5.16% better than predicted in year 1! Fetch the strawberries and cream, what a result! […]

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Update from one of our latest commercial solar installations

Work is coming along nicely at our latest commercial solar installation About this rooftop system 647 panels (275 kWp) 25% power from PV £3m of savings over the lifetime of the system Watch this space for more updates coming soon. If you’d like to know more about installing your own commercial rooftop solar system you […]

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June, 2023

Work has started on our latest Solar Carport – set to become one of the largest EV charging hubs in Europe!

NEC solar carport installation We are delighted to be working with our partner The EV Network, at their flagship site at The NEC, Birmingham delivering what will soon become one of the biggest EV charging hubs in Europe. Pictures of the Ineco Energy solar carport installation: For more information about the charging hub, see the […]

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We are delighted to have been named as NFU Energy’s latest Renewable Energy Solutions partner

About the Renewable Energy Solutions partnership Helping to deliver the NFU’s mission of reaching Net Zero by 2040, this partnership will enable even more farmers and growers to get high quality installations to help them save money and carbon, easing the pressure on their businesses. NFU Energy’s Renewable Energy Solutions was designed to help NFU […]

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Another successful solar project commissioned

We have had another solar project commissioned and witness tested with the District Network Operator (DNO). About this rooftop system 1.2 MWp 1.1 GWh Annual Generation It will provide this business with cleaner, cheaper power for generations to come! Contact Ineco Energy To see how installing rooftop solar on your business can help you save money […]

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September, 2022

Your Solar Power Questions Answered

We are often asked questions about Solar power, how it works, is it suitable for certain buildings. etc.. so we wanted to answer those questions and offer our expertise and experience to allow you to make your own decisions about adopting Solar energy for your business. Why should I install commercial solar panels? Solar power […]

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UK Energy crisis to last three years, warns National Grid

A draft proposal from National Grid proposes making payments of up to £5mln this winter to factories that cut production if the gas crisis worsens due to the war in Ukraine, the Telegraph reported National Grid PLC (LSE:NG.) has warned of a three-year energy crisis as an emergency effort is launched to reduce factory power consumption, […]

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European gas shortages likely to last several winters

This warning raises the prospect of continued rationing, as Total boss says, Europe has to plan for a future without Russian supplies! Gas shortages across Europe are likely to last for several winters to come, the chief executive of Shell has said, raising the prospect of continued energy rationing as governments across the continent push to develop […]

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August, 2022

Solar Inverters, what are they and how do they work?

Solar Inverters, the brains of the operation! A solar inverter is a component in your solar panel system which changes the direct current (DC) electricity captured by the solar panels, into alternating current (AC). AC current is the standard flow of electricity required to power your business’ machinery and appliances and connect to the National Grid. […]

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Solar for business why invest?

There are multiple benefits to Solar for business, here are just a few: First Solar for business generates robust financial returns. This is because producing power on-site is much more affordable than buying it from the grid. Current government policy ‘super deduction tax’ also means, for example, that companies can reduce their tax liabilities for […]

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July, 2022

Ineco Energy powers Thorlux to a new level of renewable energy

Thorlux Lighting became the latest innovator to choose Ineco Energy to assist in its mission to significantly reduce its carbon emissions at their production facility. The installation of 909 solar panels at Thorlux Lighting on the roof of the professional lighting factory in Redditch, Worcestershire, is expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 1,500 tonnes […]

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June, 2022

Thorlux Lighting on track to exceed savings of £1,000,000 and 1,000’s tonnes of carbon!

After three years of operation, Thorlux Lighting Solar PV system continues to perform as expected and has generated over 620MWh of electricity. The site uses over 99% of all solar-generated electricity. Increases in the grid-supplied cost of electricity, mean that the financial benefits of Thorlux Lighting’s Solar will significantly exceed the original business case. Thorlux […]

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May, 2022

Highest temperature on record for Spain as temperature reach 41.8C… in May!”

Highest Temperatures on Record In May shatters records in Southern and Central Europe   A brutal blast of record-breaking heat has spread over southern and central Europe, shattering May records from Portugal to Germany. Some of the most extreme heat is focusing in Portugal, Spain, and France. The record-setting temperatures are occurring at the same […]

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