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Whatever your business, we can help you operate more efficiently

Your renewable energy installation will generate energy savings, lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

What do we offer?

Find out how our LED lighting, Solar PV, battery storage, EV charging and energy monitoring can help your business. Ineco Energy provides ways for business to significantly reduce operating costs, maximise operational efficiencies and improve corporate social responsibility. We do this by understanding your business and identifying which of our technologies can help you.

We have clients across a whole range of different industries. Whether you want to use the roof space of your facilities to install solar panels, improve the lighting in your offices, warehouses, shops or factories or install an EV solar carport, talk to us today about how we can help you.

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Solar PV

Large building roofs are an ideal location for commercial solar panels, or solar PV systems.

Energy-intensive manufacturing and other processes can go hand in hand with large electricity bills. But they don’t have to. Powering your business with solar energy, generated onsite, allows you to minimise your electricity bills, protecting your business from rising electricity costs and taking a powerful step towards energy independence.

Switching to a renewable electricity source is vital to being a more sustainable business.

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LED lighting saves money and improves the work environment

LED lighting relieves many of the problems that employees have with traditionally poorly lit manufacturing, offices, factory floors and other facilities – problems such as eye strain, headaches and poor finished quality of products.

By improving the light levels across your premises, your team will be able to gain sharper focus, spot defects more easily and produce a higher standard of work. As a result, your finished product is of a higher quality standard for your customers. Additionally your premises are safer and employee satisfaction is improved.

Replacing an inefficient lighting system with low-energy LED lighting can save your business up to 80% on its electricity bill and save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions too.

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Battery Storage

The ability to store energy on site and use that power when required is an increasingly important capability for businesses and industrial sites.

For those industrial sites that operate long production or working hours, battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall provides the ideal solution to the issue of wasted energy, storing energy for hours of darkness or excess demand.

By drawing on your own battery power to reduce demand from the grid at peak times, organisations can reduce their exposure to the high charges associated with peak “red bands”.

One of the best financial benefits of battery storage is participation in National Grid’s balancing services. National Grid requires businesses to help it balance network supply and demand. Electricity stored in your batteries can provide much-needed flexibility to the National Grid, enabling your organisation to earn revenue by offering their battery capacity to the network.

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Who have we worked with?

Ineco Energy specialise in helping commercial businesses to reduce their operating costs by adopting renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

We have examples of projects where we have saved companies millions of pounds. Environmentally, our clients are placed on a stronger footing too, with millions of tonnes of carbon emissions able to be saved over the lifetime of the products.

Thorlux Case Study / EPC Case Study / Brecon Mountain Railway Case Study / R-Tech Materials Case Study

To read more on how we’ve assisted companies to save money and help to save the planet, visit our case studies section.


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