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LED Lighting

Create a brighter future.

Your new LED lighting system will improve light quality, generate energy savings, lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon and improve your health and safety.

What do we offer?

Ineco Energy will upgrade your old inefficient lighting to new energy efficient LED lighting. We provide a full turnkey solution, including complete energy analysis, survey, lighting design, installation, and management service.

Your new LED lighting system will improve light quality, generate energy savings, lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon and improve your health and safety.

Using our “design for efficiency” methodology, our experienced team works with you to understand how you use your building and outside space, to design you a new LED lighting system that exceeds your expectations.

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Who can we provide for?

If your building or outside space uses lighting, or needs lighting, Ineco Energy can help you. We have delivered new LED lighting solutions for many public and private sector organisations.

We have worked directly with schools and colleges to transform their lighting, to provide a better learning environment, cutting costs and carbon across many English and Welsh local authorities.

Businesses, including manufacturing and warehouse operations, can also significantly reduce their operating costs and carbon footprints.

While it may seem a challenge with multiple individual requirements within a mixed office environment, Ineco Energy have worked with many organisations to deliver significant employee and financial benefit in upgrading office LED lighting.

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What are the Benefits?

LED lighting can transform your environment, reduce your energy costs, deliver carbon savings, reduce health and safety risks and provide long term maintenance benefits.

Financial savings

LED lights use up to 80% less energy than older lighting technologies. A reduction in electricity use translates directly into financial savings through lower energy bills.

Carbon reduction

Using less energy means that more carbon is saved. Good quality LED lights can last 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting, which means that fewer lights are manufactured, transported, and stored. The full supply chain and lifecycle carbon benefits have a further positive impact on climate change.

Light quality

The most visible benefit of LED lighting is the improvement in light quality, provided by an expertly designed and installed LED lighting upgrade. This can transform the learning environment in a classroom or brighten any workspace, providing a more comfortable and safer workspace for everyone.

Health and Safety

An environment with correct lighting levels can reduce accidents in the workplace and emergency lighting also creates a safer building. LED lighting can last 10 times longer than fluorescent lighting which means less maintenance, reducing the frequency of climbing ladders or costly machinery to change lights.

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Is there funding available?

Ineco Energy are experts in successfully applying for grants and funding for energy efficient LED lighting upgrades.

Business grant funding is often available through local and regional schemes.

There are many government schemes that provide funding for schools and public sector organisations.

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Who have we worked with?

Ineco Energy are experienced in working across many different public and private sectors. Our staff have enhanced DBS checks and rigorous vetting to work directly with schools, charities, care homes and other organisations which have vulnerable persons.

Ineco Energy have worked across different types of manufacturing, food preparation, leisure centres and even a steam railway.

Take a look at our case studies.

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Yes, we work with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS), which delivers interest-free loans with no upfront cost, while the loans are repaid using energy savings. It is funded by the Department for Education, meaning all maintained schools and sixth form colleges are eligible to apply for funding to install energy efficiency measures, such as Solar PV panels and LED lighting, to enhance the learning environment and reduce energy usage. We are also able to manage the administration of the funding application to reduce the burden on your management and busy office team.

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