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Solar PV

Powered by the sun

Solar panels generate electricity from the power of the sun. The solar power is used on site reducing the amount of electricity you use from your electricity supplier. Excess solar power can be exported to the grid to generate an income of or saved for you to use later with battery storage.

Commercial Solar PV in the UK: What we offer

Ineco Energy is one of the UKs leading solar panel companies who design, install and maintain solar panel systems. We specialise in providing solar energy plants on the rooftops of industrial warehouses and factories across the UK along with solar carports, solar canopies and ground mount solar farms.

Many businesses have rooftops which are usually only used for protection from the elements. Solar PV utilises this empty asset to generate financial and environmental returns. Solar PV provides an economic investment option, delivering 15% – 20% yields for a 25-year minimum term.

Solar PV saves you money but will also reduce your carbon impact and your organisation will help the world transition to a more sustainable economy.

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Solar PV is for every sector

Our big focus is on delivering solar panels to businesses (offices, warehouses, industrial etc) as well as educational establishments, like schools and universities.

Some of the world’s largest businesses such as Amazon, Apple and Walmart have all installed solar panels to realise the economic, environmental, and social benefits. However, you don’t need to be huge multinational to benefit. Solar can benefit everyone and most of our customers are successful and established SMEs.

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Past installations: Who have we worked with?

Having grown our business through reputation, with a track record of delivering solar panels to a number of delighted clients, our customer base has grown exponentially over the last 7 years..

This has seen us install solar panels on schoolsbusinesses and even a helicopter hanger! (As can be found on our Case Studies page).

Take a look at our case studies.

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Benefits of commercial Solar PV

Producing your own clean on-site renewable energy creates important financial and environmental benefits for businesses that go solar.

Financial savings

Generating your own electricity means that you don’t buy it from your electricity supplier providing instant savings. Excess solar energy can also be sold providing an income stream, or it can be stored in a battery for use at a time when you need it.

Generating you own electricity reduces the impact of annual electricity unit-price inflation and non-commodity costs.

Carbon reduction

Solar PV reduces your carbon footprint and empowers you to act on climate change. Producing your own local, renewable energy contributes to protecting the planet from fossil fuel pollution and reduces demand and efficiency losses from an ageing national grid infrastructure. Solar PV contributes positively towards your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets.

Operation and Maintenance

Proactive asset management can extend the viable life of the solar system significantly, delivering long term value for your investment.

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Yes, we work with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS), which delivers interest-free loans with no upfront cost, while the loans are repaid using energy savings. It is funded by the Department for Education, meaning all maintained schools and sixth form colleges are eligible to apply for funding to install energy efficiency measures, such as Solar PV panels and LED lighting, to enhance the learning environment and reduce energy usage. We are also able to manage the administration of the funding application to reduce the burden on your management and busy office team.

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