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Improving the learning environment

Ineco Energy can help your university to reduce its operating costs and help you to save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

What do we offer?

Higher educational institutions face seemingly endless budgetary pressures with the need to attract the best teaching staff, deliver the strongest teaching material and use the latest technologies. Large college and University sites with specialist facilities attract high running costs so maximising the energy efficiency of your buildings can help to relieve that pressure via lower energy spend.

While financial savings are often the driver for change, the environmental benefits that come with the adoption of energy saving and renewable energy technology can be significant.

Low energy sustainable buildings help to preserve a healthier working and learning environment for students and staff; they also help to enhance the reputational image of your institution.

Find out how Solar PV, battery storage, EV charging, LED lighting and energy monitoring technology can all help your university or college.

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LED for universities and Colleges

Low-energy educational lighting can reduce your electricity bills by 80%.

Older college buildings are often fitted with fluorescent lighting which attracts high maintenance costs in replacement bulbs and maintenance safety issues due to working at height.

These old lighting systems can be updated with modern, low-energy LED lighting, offering consistent, brighter and more natural light, proven to improve learning outcomes.

All our lighting systems are designed bespoke, so we can design a system that works perfectly for your specialist learning spaces.

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Solar PV for Universities and Colleges

Generating your own cleaner, cheaper electricity onsite via solar PV panels helps to protect your university from rising grid energy costs.

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Battery Storage for Universities and Colleges

For universities and colleges, battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall, can minimise energy wastage by storing unused energy until hours of darkness or excess demand.

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EV Charging for Universities and Colleges

Ineco Energy can provide electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities for your university or college. You could charge your electric minibus via EV charging or offer staff the facility to charge their personal cars.

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Monitoring your energy

The ability to store energy on site and use that power when required is an increasingly important capability for universities and colleges.

For those sites that operate long working hours, battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall provides the ideal solution to the issue of wasted energy, storing energy for hours of darkness or excess demand.

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Who have we worked with?

We’ve helped many education providers to make financial savings and environmental improvements.

To read more on how we’ve delivered turnkey solutions for establishments like yours, please visit our case studies section.


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