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Solar: Coed Glas Primary School

A larger than average primary school at 582 pupils, Coed Glas Primary School had significant energy bills. Having installed energy-efficient boilers for the heating of the school, the headteacher was keen to look at other ways to reduce their outgoings and save energy.


Coed Glas Primary School is run by a headteacher passionate about the education of pupils on climate change and renewable energy, while demonstrating his own commitment to the environment.

The installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) array dovetailed perfectly with his ecological and financial aspirations, reducing ongoing outgoings for the school and decreasing its carbon footprint.

By ineco | 11th December 2019

See the solar PV system at Coed Glas:

A bespoke system for Coed Glas

Following an extensive site audit, which included a detailed look at the energy bills for the school, we designed and installed a 182-panel solar PV roof for Coed Glas Primary School to maximise efficiency. With variable structural integrity across multiple school buildings, we identified the safest sites and the most efficient way to install such a large system. Panels were split across three different building’s roofs.

Long term savings at zero cost

Coed Glas was able to take advantage of government-approved funding, via Salix Finance, for all its energy-saving measures, including the solar PV installation. We managed this process on behalf of the school to minimise the administration involved with the switch to renewable energy.

This switch has alleviated some of the financial pressure the school was under, given their limited resources and desire to deliver a first-class education while balancing the books.

Delivering an annual saving on the school’s energy bills of over £5,000, and a significant reduction in carbon emissions, the installation has lived up to its promises.

Educating the next generation

The school can now place more focus on climate and environmental education with a real-world example of the benefits of embracing renewable technology.

True to his beliefs, the school’s headteacher wished to use the system as an environmental teaching aid for the children, allowing them to monitor progress and performance using hardware we installed in their reception area. This was in addition to the online reporting tool we deliver for all clients to monitor the performance of their systems.


Energy savings


Carbon tonne savings


Lifetime savings