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Solar: Thorlux Lighting

Thorlux Lighting produces and distributes professional lighting and control systems throughout the UK. In 2019, they were awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category. The company operates from a 16,882 m² modern manufacturing facility in Redditch, Worcestershire.


In 2019, lneco Energy won a tender to design, install, and operate a 250 kWp solar PV commercial rooftop solar system for Thorlux Lighting.

Environmental and financial savings were quickly visible, and in 2021 lneco was asked to deliver a further 500 kWp across three other FW Thorpe companies; TRT Lighting, Portland Lighting and Solite Europe.

FW Thorpe's ambition to achieve net zero across its manufacturing and value chain, coupled with rising energy prices, meant lneco were asked to extend the Thorlux system to 1,428 kWp.

By Lauren Polhill | 28th April 2023

Solution – Commercial Rooftop Solar

lneco worked with Thorlux and the District Network Operator (DNO) to design a system that would maximise self-sufficiency from the onsite solar generation.

With the site being located in a sensitive and constrained electricity network area, we used Reverse Power Relays as secondary protection devices for Export Limitation to fully satisfy the grid requirements.

A SolarEdge solution using module level optimisation was installed to increase performance, safety and provide real time visibility of the system. lneco commissioned the system in December 2022, having constructed it throughout the winter months.

Benefits of installing commercial rooftop solar

Thorlux will generate solar power at the equivalent rate of 4p/ kWh for the next 25 years.

Annually the system will generate 1.03 GWh and save 228 tonnes of carbon. This will result in excess of £350k annual savings, £14m in lifetime savings and a 3-year payback.

FW Thorpe achieved carbon neutrality in 2012 (scopes 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol). The carbon savings from this commercial rooftop solar system will contribute significantly to the Group’s net zero ambitions.

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"The completion of the Thorlux headquarters installation is truly outstanding, with over 3,000 high-power panels. I am very proud of the result, and when I study my mobile app - which on a sunny day shows we are generating more electricity than we are using - I find it motivational and inspiring."

Michael Allcock, FW Thorpe Plc Group Chairman