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Solar: Danescourt Primary School

Danescourt Primary School is a 448-pupil school in Cardiff. A focus on instilling a curiosity and concern for the environment within their pupils is reflected by the school’s desire to be a responsible organisation.


The school underwent extensive renovations just over a decade ago so became a relatively cost-efficient site compared to previous years. The headteacher was keen to increase this efficiency further, saving money and reducing its carbon footprint, with the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof.

By ineco | 11th December 2019

See the solar PV system at Danescourt:

Designed for efficiency, tailored to the school

Our team designed a solar PV array comprising 101 panels to deliver maximum solar energy efficiency for Danescourt Primary School.

This installation enabled the school to reduce their reliance on grid energy, their ongoing energy bills and their carbon emissions while increasing their energy independence. In the first year alone, they achieved energy bill savings of around £5,000.

Zero cost thanks to government funding

We have extensive experience of gaining funding for school efficiency projects and this was no exception – we managed the process from start to finish on behalf of the school. The project was entirely funded using Salix Finance, a government-backed funding stream, so the upfront and ongoing cost to the school was zero. The cleaner, greener solar energy will enable the school to benefit financially and ecologically for generations to come.


Energy savings


Tonnes carbon savings


Lifetime savings