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Engineered Performance Coatings

Engineered Performance Coatings (EPC) is a surface engineering company specialising in the application of thermal spray coatings used in the aerospace, oil & gas exploration drilling, renewable energy and other niche markets.

EPC has an 1100m2 development and manufacturing facility which prides itself on being able to offer its customers complete coating solutions.


EPC's detailed work requires high quality light levels. The development & manufacturing facility lighting was ageing and instead of inefficient replacements EPC decided to upgrade to LED lighting.

This would also reduce Health & Safety risks, save energy and costs and support their commitment to the prevention of pollution, protection of the environment and continual improvement of their environmental performance.


EPC selected INECO Energy to upgrade their lighting within their development and manufacturing facility. As a fully accredited Carbon Trust member, INECO was also able to work with EPC to successfully apply for grant and loan funding to reduce the capital outlay for the project.

INECO’s unique audit and design approach ensured that the optimum solution was presented to EPC, maximising energy savings and significantly increasing light levels across the shop floor. INECO worked with EPC to create a detailed energy saving business case which could also be presented to the Carbon Trust for funding.

To minimise disruption to EPC’s operation and reduce Health & Safety risks for all staff, the installation was undertaken outside of standard hours. INECO cleaned and prepared the site at the end of each installation window, ready for the next day’s operation. The installation was completed ahead of schedule.

Light levels were significantly increased from 300lux to over 600lux with a high level of uniformity. Energy and environmental savings delivered by the solution help EPC to maintain their Environmental Policy commitment.


Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings


“The light levels are so good that we can now inspect the quality of our finish much easier. INECO were very professional and the installation was finished ahead of schedule with no disruption to our operation”

Sam, Engineered Performance Coatings