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LED & Solar: Heronshaw School


Heronshaw School is an ‘outstanding school’ educating 235 mixed pupils between the age of 4 – 7 in Milton Keynes. The school has recently become an academy as it continues its commitment to provide an outstanding education to its pupils.



Heronshaw School had wanted to install solar panels on their roof because they knew it was a sun trap having to install canopies to shelter the classrooms from the sun.

Upon learning that they could use government funding to install and own the solar panels, they set about making it a reality. When it became apparent that there were also energy savings to be had from upgrading to LED lighting, the school installed both.

By ineco | 3rd May 2019

Watch how we reduced the school’s energy usage by 72%


Our initial survey and energy bill analysis defined the energy-saving opportunity at Heronshaw School. We aimed to complete the project, saving the school money while delivering a greener and efficient energy solution. Like many schools, LED and solar PV panels provide an easy first step on the journey towards net zero emissions and a greener school.

Site audit

A detailed site audit was undertaken to capture building dimensions and a full asset register. Following this, our in-house design team produced and implemented a bespoke design to provide maximum value for our customers. We agreed the plan with the school before making it a reality.

Installation of LED lighting and solar PV

Our experienced teams installed the solution during term time. With meticulous planning and execution, the LED lighting was installed during the evenings once the children had left for the day, while the solar PV panels were installed over the weekend.

This solution will help to save the school money, improve the learning environment and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.


Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings