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Solar: TRT Lighting


TRT Lighting Ltd is part of the F.W. Thorpe Plc group. The company design, manufacture, and supply energy-efficient lighting products for the road, tunnel, and exterior lighting markets. All products are manufactured on-site in Redditch, where energy demand is high.



TRT Lighting has always had sustainability at the forefront of its values. The F.W.Thorpe group of companies has its own carbon off setting programme, with an ambitious tree-planting project to offset all carbon emissions. With the net-zero target in place, TRT Lighting is dedicated to meeting targets and enhancing sustainability efforts with clean, solar energy.

By ineco | 5th August 2022

Watch Ross Evans of TRT explain how Solar PV has helped power their busy manufacturing site


F.W. Thorpe appointed Ineco Energy to deliver a solar PV solution at four of its sites. Generating clean energy would allow TRT Lighting to manufacture its products in a greener way, and reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

The solar panel solution from Ineco Energy uses SolarEdge technology to generate maximum solar energy and importantly, has safe DC shutdown technology. The system also provides full visibility through the monitoring portal: an important factor to allow the organisation to measure its generation, and report and market its green strategy. With maximum generation, comes maximum financial benefits, and TRT Lighting will save a total of £650,000 over the lifetime of the system.

For TRT Lighting, Ineco Energy designed the largest system out of the group, a 233 kWp system with 516 solar modules. Our team worked closely with TRT Lighting throughout to ensure that there was minimal disruption to their busy manufacturing site.



Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings


"We had faith in a very experienced and knowledgeable setup. In terms of the system that's been delivered to us, we simply cannot pick fault. Whether it's the service, the installation or the result and savings that we're seeing as a business"

Ross Evans