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Budgetary pressures lead to Nativity play-per-view

By admin | 1st December 2016

Budgetary pressures

Schools are placed under increasing budgetary pressure, with reductions in funding across many areas within education. A Worcestershire primary school asked parents and carers at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary to pay £1 a ticket to watch their child in this year’s Nativity play. The headteacher, Louise Bury, acknowledges schools have charged parents for events previously, so she felt it seemed a good opportunity for raising some further money. All proceeds contributed towards books for the key stage one and early years classes, a worthy cause if ever a school had one.

Reducing outgoings

Given the budgetary pressures schools are under to make their ever decreasing budgets go further, our aim is to save schools money through reducing  energy bills. By introducing solar power, efficient lighting and battery power storage, schools can save significantly on electricity bills. Installing LED lighting can lead to savings in the thousands each year; money that can be used directly on the education of children. Reducing carbon footprint and improving the learning environment are significant bonuses with the move to sustainable and efficient energy technologies.

Energy efficiency at no cost to schools

Thanks to the availability of Department for Education approved funding, maintained schools need no capital outlay for energy efficiency projects with Ineco Energy. Funding is in the form of interest free loans, repaid using energy savings. This means no ongoing costs and a brighter, more energy efficient future.

Ineco Energy has first hand experience of  helping Worcestershire schools deliver much needed financial savings. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your school to reduce its outgoings, please contact us.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/30/nativity-play-financial-crisis-education