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Warehouse and logistics

Storing and moving the worlds goods

Your new LED lighting system will improve light quality, generate energy savings, lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon and improve your health and safety.

What do we offer?

We can deliver solar panels and energy efficient technologies, like LED lighting, for your warehouses, allowing you to reduce your overheads and environmental impact.

Warehouses traditionally consume comparatively little energy, the energy saving opportunities that come from upgrading to low-energy LED lighting can be huge.

As with factories and other industrial units, warehouses usually have large roof spaces which are not used. These can be the perfect space for commercial solar panels, or solar PV panels. Switching to a renewable energy source can have major benefits for your warehouse, as solar can help power your building’s lighting, electric forklift trucks, or picking robots.

We can also help you to make more efficient use of your electricity with battery storage, such as the Tesla Powerwall, and electric vehicle (EV) charging points for your employees and customers.

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LED for warehouses

Having a large, enclosed space with limited natural lighting means that good, reliable artificial lighting is vital.

Installing warehouse LED lighting can have a significant impact on employee welfare, enabling your colleagues to work more safely in a brighter, lighter environment, preventing health problems or accidents often associated with a poorly lit workspace.

Lighting also plays a pivotal role in picking stock which can have significant productivity and cost benefits.

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Solar PV for warehouses

Large building roofs are an ideal location for commercial solar panels, or solar PV systems. Even a small roof can deliver significant benefits with solar PV.

Generating your own energy will lead to lower energy bills, a substantial reduction in your carbon emissions and protecting your business from rising grid energy costs.

Installing industrial solar panels to power your business and making use of your empty roof space makes sense economically and environmentally.

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Battery Storage for manufacturing and factories

The ability to store energy on site and use that power when required is an increasingly important capability for warehouses.

There’s no need for wasted energy at your warehouse either, Adopting battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall means you’ll be able to use energy generated in the day throughout the night.

Ineco Energy can install your warehouse with power storage that can store any solar energy that goes unused during the day, supply it overnight or you can use this stored energy instead of drawing grid energy at costly peak periods.

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Who have we worked with?

Ineco Energy have many years of experience delivering cleaner and cheaper energy for warehouses. Collectively, we’re helping to save the planet by lowering carbon emissions.

We have installed solar PV panels and LED lighting systems to warehouses with minimal interruption to their day-to-day operations. Find out more about some of the different companies we have worked with to reduce their outgoings and improve their business sustainability.

To read more on how other types of businesses have benefitted, take a look at our case studies.

Funding, Grants and Finance to help my business save money and help the planet.

There are many free grants and other forms of financial assistance available to businesses to access renewable energy and other forms of energy-efficient technology.

We have years of experience in seeking out funding streams and making successful applications on behalf of our clients. We can also provide more traditional methods of financing renewable energy and other forms of energy-efficient technology investments.

With the right finance in place, your business can start making savings from day one.

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Yes, we work with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS), which delivers interest-free loans with no upfront cost, while the loans are repaid using energy savings. It is funded by the Department for Education, meaning all maintained schools and sixth form colleges are eligible to apply for funding to install energy efficiency measures, such as Solar PV panels and LED lighting, to enhance the learning environment and reduce energy usage. We are also able to manage the administration of the funding application to reduce the burden on your management and busy office team.

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