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Great Linford Primary School



Great Linford Primary School is a mixed school located in the north of Milton Keynes. Educating 375 pupils between the ages of 4 – 11 and ranking in the top 20% of schools nationally.




The school had their lighting upgraded as part of a maintenance roll-out. However, the fittings installed although more efficient than before provided poor light levels.

Coupled with rising energy bills, they began to investigate ways to save money, improve the learning environment and do their bit for the planet.

After speaking with other schools in the area they contacted INECO to see how we could help...


INECO were please to learn they had been recommended to help the school with a fully funded solution that saved the school money, improved the learning environment and reduced the schools carbon footprint.

Our initial feasibility survey and energy bill analysis determined the scope of the energy saving opportunity. It became apparent that LED & Solar PV would provide an easy first step towards achieving the schools goals.

A detailed site audit was undertaken using proprietary software to capture building dimensions and a full asset register.

Our in-house design team then undertook a bespoke design, engineering solutions which provide the optimum output, with the least resource, to deliver the greatest returns which ultimately determined INECO Energy to provide best value.

Our experienced teams installed the solution with military precision in a controlled and clean manner adapting around the needs of our clients whilst working with Asbestos containing materials. The lighting has transformed the learning environment providing a lighter, brighter learning environment for users with the solar panels creating energy for education and reducing the risk of price hikes.


Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


Financial Savings


“The best contractors we have had in the 11 years I have worked at the school"

Site Manager, Great Linford Primary School