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Ineco Energy delivers Solar on one of Europe’s Largest EV Charging Hub’s at the NEC in Birmingham

By Lauren Polhill | 28th September 2023


The Ineco Energy Solar installation at groundbreaking charge hub provides EV drivers with shade from the sun, shelter from the rain and generates renewable energy onsite to help power the chargers.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, said “This is the biggest private investment in electric charging in the UK and is a huge vote of confidence in Britain’s role as a leader in green industries.

The ground-breaking site will be a major transport hub for the future and marks a significant step in our rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country”.

Angus Rose, Director of Ineco Energy, said “With transport accounting for over 34% of total UK emissions, EV Infrastructure is an essential part of the transition towards Net Zero.

The NEC Giga hub is a flagship site that will showcase some of its 7m annual visitors and 60m traffic count what the forecourt of the future looks like, today. Powered by renewables including from the on-site solar canopy in the day and light up by LEDs at night, the charging hub provides clean and convenient EV charging infrastructure.”

Reza Shaybani, CEO and Co-founder of The EV Network, said “The NEC is a perfect location that is not only geographically key, but of national significance, to support the EV charging landscape. The EV Network secured 6.5MVA grid connection, to support the entire infrastructure. The strategic placement and impressive scale of this charging hub within the UK’s transport infrastructure offers reassuring support to drivers journeying between cities.

Our choice or suppliers and contractors in the creation of this site were key, as a flagship site, we required the best-in-class service on very tight project timelines. Working with Ineco has been exemplary.”

    • NEC Launch one of Europe’s largest EV Charge Hub benefitting from a Solar Canopy.
    • Sited at The NEC’s campus – the largest event space in the UK – the site hosts over 7m visitors annually and has an annual traffic count of 60 million.
    • The NEC charge hub boasts 30 parking bays with ultra-fast 300kW DC chargers and 150 x 7kW AC chargers for longer stays, enabling 180 cars to charge simultaneously.
    • The NEC Solar carport is made up of 184 X 440w Bi-facial Longi Solar panels coupled with a SolarEdge optimised inverter system mounted on a Bluetop Solar Canopy.
    • The charging hub benefits from LED lighting on a dusk / dawn sensor to ensure the safety and comfort of users with accessible charging bays and a Starbucks on site.


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About Ineco Energy

Ineco Energy’s mission is to power a sustainable future, for generations to come. We do this through the installation of renewable and energy efficient technologies. We have become one of the UK’s leading commercial & industrial Solar PV Installation companies.

About The EV Network:

The EV Network addresses the challenges faced by both landlords and charge point operators through design, development, construction, and investment solutions. EVN are a specialist company, offering ‘Infrastructure as a service’ (IaaS). Backed by one of the world’s largest sustainable funds, EVN have raised £400M to invest in property and charging infrastructure. Working in partnership with many blue-chip CPO partners to support and speed up the transition to electric.

List of partners involved with NEC charge hub: