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Why should your business invest in Solar?

By ineco | 9th May 2022

There are multiple benefits to installing an onsite solar project for commercial organisations.


solar power projects generate robust financial returns. This is because producing power onsite is much more affordable than buying it from the grid. Current government policy also means, for example, that companies can reduce their tax liabilities for investments they make in solar systems.


solar projects reduce risk. As the UK energy crisis of 2021/2022 showed, market rates for electricity and gas can change rapidly. Producing power onsite at a fixed cost means businesses can avoid exposure to this volatility.


solar projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is zero-carbon at the point of generation. This improves the environmental performance of any building on which it is installed.


It is great for your image – Increasingly, businesses want to do business with companies that are proving their green credentials, which opens up new opportunities for investment, commercial partnerships, and recruitment.


These benefits will only increase as time passes. Businesses that install onsite solar power generation are helping to protect themselves against future risks – for example, from further increases in energy bills, or the introduction of policies that impose carbon taxes. Developing onsite generation capacity now also means they have a source of clean, affordable energy for other low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, which are rapidly being installed. These benefits are widely recognised by businesses around the UK, which is why the UK’s commercial-scale solar sector is going from strength to strength.

The most important part of the decision to move to renewable energy is to choose a company that will partner with you to find solutions that suit your present and future energy needs and has the skill, precision, and care to deliver that solution accurately.