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LED & Solar: R-Tech Materials

R-Tech Materials is a leading provider of world-class materials expertise. The laboratories at their Testing House, provide one of Europe’s largest ranges of commercially available mechanical testing equipment. Ineco Energy were tasked with delivering energy savings through the installation of LED lighting and solar PV panels at Testing House.


R-Tech were considering refurbishing their offices because the existing lighting was old, inefficient and beginning to fail when they heard about the Carbon Trust’s Green Business fund, where capital contributions were available.

R-Tech approached Ineco Energy to learn more about the possibility of upgrading to LED lighting to reduce their electricity bills.

By admin | 3rd August 2022

Engineering precision while saving energy

R-Tech Materials produce world-class engineering materials for many industries, including automotive, power generation, aerospace, marine and construction. Based in Port Talbot, Wales, their precision work requires the very best light levels, while saving energy supports the company’s environmental values.

LED lighting and solar PV

Ineco Energy identified an opportunity to not only upgrade the lighting but also to install solar panels on the roof. Due to their location in south Wales, higher levels of solar irradiance can be harnessed compared with much of the UK. Solar panels offer locally generated, clean, green energy. This complements reduced energy usage internally with new efficient lighting.

Survey and assessment

A detailed survey of the offices highlighted the need to upgrade the lighting as several of the existing halogen lights were broken, and the light levels were poor. Our surveyors captured room dimensions and asset tagged each fitting. This delivered a clear picture of the existing environment and the energy that it used.

Reducing fittings by a third

Our design team created a bespoke lighting design for a number of rooms with different uses, acknowledging the differing requirements for light levels in a corridor, to a canteen, or an office. This ensured the appropriate lighting was provided for the area used, in accordance with CIBSE guidelines. We selected high quality, UK manufactured LED light fittings which enabled us to reduce the number of fittings by over a third.

Results from solar PV and LED lighting

R-Tech Materials were able to reduce their overall energy consumption thanks to new more efficient lighting. They can now also generate their own clean, green energy thanks to the addition of solar panels on the roof. Having invited several accredited suppliers to quote for the works, we were delighted we were selected as the supplier of choice thanks to our accreditations and efficient manner of working. We were able to deliver an efficient solution to provide optimum light levels, using the least number of fittings to deliver the greatest return.

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Energy Savings


Tonnes Carbon Savings


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"R-Tech Materials prides itself on accurate information, quality service and in-depth knowledge. It was a pleasure to work with Ineco Energy who delivered on those values when installing both LED lighting and solar PV projects at Testing House."

Director, R-Tech Materials