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Lighting up Redhill School for a new decade

By ineco | 17th January 2020

LED lighting at Redhill School

LED Lighting at Redhill School delivers a brighter learning environment

Their new energy-efficient LED lighting installation involved replacing dated fluorescent strip lighting, and will bring multiple benefits:

  • https://www.redhill.dudley.sch.uk/Lower energy bills
  • Lower maintenance costs, with no tubes to buy or fit
  • Greater energy efficiency, for a lower carbon footprint
  • Brighter classrooms, for improved concentration levels
  • Eliminating the yellow glow, in favour of more natural consistent white light
  • Safer environment, as no tube changes required while working at height.

Saving 79%

Redhill School’s switch to LED enables them to save a phenomenal 79% from their electricity bill. As well as helping to ease tight school budgets, the school’s overall lower electricity usage has a positive effect on the environment. Using less energy means generating fewer emissions. Reducing their carbon footprint is important to the school and this move has boosted their environmental credentials significantly.

Before and after

Get in touch

Redhill School took advantage of government-approved funding to install their new lighting at no cost to the school. If you’d like to reap similar benefits for your school, at no cost, then please get in touch today and we can advise on the best energy-saving measures for your school to help your budgets and to reduce your carbon footprint.