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We help you save your school money, improve its learning environment and help you save the planet with greener onsite energy generation, and other energy-efficient technologies.

Our Projects

Why Schools?

We are passionate about the role that schools play in educating the next generation about the importance of climate change.

Schools struggle with increasing costs and budget cuts, leaving little for environmental investment in estates that are often ageing. Eco committees and ‘switch lights off’ campaigns try their hardest, but inefficient technologies and limited budgets compound the challenge. By working hand in hand with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme, we deliver exceptional energy and financial savings to schools with no upfront, or ongoing cost.

Ineco Energy’s founders all have personal connections and first-hand experience of the education sector. Our origins were in helping schools who have limited budgets, time, and expertise, by installing energy-efficient and renewable technologies. We have a wealth of expertise to overcome these barriers, helping schools to focus on educating and inspiring the next generation.


Ineco Energy prides itself on providing better lighting for brighter schools, and enhancing the learning environment. In many schools, lighting is old, inefficient and emits poor light quality, which can negatively impact a child’s learning. Our bespoke lighting solutions are designed for efficiency, using the least resources to deliver the best quality lighting and greatest energy savings.

Contact us to find out how new LED lighting at your school could benefit your pupils’ productivity, staff wellbeing and the planet, all while saving the school money.


Solar PV

In a single hour, the amount of solar energy that strikes the earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year. Why wouldn’t everybody want to use this energy?

Schools are ideally suited for Solar PV as they mainly operate during daylight hours. They also have large roof spaces which can be transformed into energy generating assets. The next generations are the ones who will be most affected by the climate crisis, and we believe in educating them with solutions to combat climate change. Solar PV is a simple, green technology which reduces the reliance of grid-supplied energy as we strive to emit net zero carbon.

Find out how your school could benefit from Solar PV panels on your roof by contacting us for a discussion.

Energy storage

Solar panels generate energy during daylight hours, but your school probably doesn’t open every day of the week or year, so why not store that energy for use when you really need it? Not only will you use more of the energy you’re generating on-site, reducing your bills and minimising your reliance on the grid further, but it will also deliver peace of mind in the case of a power cut. An additional benefit of storing your solar-generated energy is the ability to sell that energy back to the grid at the highest possible rate, dependent on your agreed peak tariffs and hours. 

As a supplier and installer of the Tesla Powerwall, one of the highest performing batteries available in the UK, we can help you take the next step in energy independence and efficiency.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Why don’t we use the sun and wind to power our vehicles instead of burning fossil fuels?

The International Council of Clean Transportation has shown that electric cars are better for the environment, even after the vehicle is manufactured and the electricity that’s required to fuel them. Not only do they reduce carbon and noise pollution, but they also reduce harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) gases in outdoor air which have adverse effects on health, including reduced life expectancy.

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology have created a tool which will help you compare the environmental impact of electric and internal combustion engine (ICE) cars.

Talk to our team to understand what electric vehicle charging solution will meet your school’s requirements.

Measure, Monitor and Manage

Creating visibility and transparency in your energy use allows you to make data-driven decisions to reduce energy consumption, and improve your school’s energy efficiency.

Understanding what, when and where your school is consuming energy is vital to give you the visibility required to effectively manage your energy.

Designing a measurement strategy through analysis of your objectives, operations and site infrastructure means that we can implement a solution which will give you the visibility and intelligence you need to deliver energy efficiency savings.

Our teams can help to identify opportunities through detailed consumption, pattern and trend analysis to maximise energy efficiency.

Talk to us to see how we can lift the lid on your energy use.


Yes, we work with Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme (SEELS), which delivers interest-free loans with no upfront cost, while the loans are repaid using energy savings. It is funded by the Department for Education, meaning all maintained schools and sixth form colleges are eligible to apply for funding to install energy efficiency measures, such as Solar PV panels and LED lighting, to enhance the learning environment and reduce energy usage. We are also able to manage the administration of the funding application to reduce the burden on your management and busy office team.
We provide a complete wrap around service, including all administration and funding applications, so your time spent on this project is kept to a minimum.
We carry out a survey for each individual site, tailoring a solution involving LED lighting, solar PV panels, or both, to your school's needs. The detailed surveys and energy consumption assessments inform our designs, so we can plan, manage and install the best solution for your site. As we also manage the finance application, our experience determines the most efficient use of time and materials to ensure timely acceptance and receipt of funding.
The government-backed scheme, administered by Salix, provides maintained and grant aided schools with funding in the form of interest-free loans which are then repaid through energy savings. The funding will cover up to 100% of the cost of your energy-saving projects. More information on this funding and the application process can be found at: salixfinance.co.uk/loans/schools-loans

In summary, the project must meet a number of criteria to be considered for eligibility:
• It must involve one of the approved technologies from this list: salixfinance.co.uk/index.php/knowledge-share/eligible-technologies
• It must pay for itself within eight years through its predicted energy savings
• It must not exceed a predicted cost of £200 per tonne of saved carbon dioxide

At Ineco Energy, our energy-efficient technologies are all on the approved list. We work with each school to design a bespoke project that suits both your school and the Salix funding criteria, ensuring an easy approval process. We’ll also take the hassle out of the process by managing the administration of the application too.
Yes, solar panels work all year round, unless they’re covered in snow. But this is a rare occurrence, with less than 10 days of snow on average each year across England and Wales (Source: Met Office). It may not feel sunny for much of the year but we enjoy an average of around 1,500 hours of sunshine each year across England and Wales, so it makes sense to harness every hour of that and more. It’s not just sunny days where you’ll benefit from generating your own energy, as solar panels work on cloudy days too – it’s light particles that activate them rather than purely unobstructed sunlight. The level of energy generation will rise and fall throughout the year as temperatures and light levels fluctuate; however schools have the ideal working pattern for solar panels, operating largely in daylight hours and therefore able to make optimum use of the energy generated onsite.
The first benefit will be in having brighter workspaces for pupils and staff. Although not quantifiable, whiter and brighter light is a clear bonus of installing LED lighting instead of the slightly yellow light emitted by older generation lighting often found in schools. More easily calculated is the maintenance and energy saving – as LED lights last so much longer than older lighting technologies, there’s an immediate reduction in cost both in terms of bulb purchase and bulb replacement by your maintenance team. Arguably the most important long term benefit you’ll be able to monitor is reduced energy bills as a result of having a more efficient lighting design and product in place.
If we undertake a term-time project, we can work around your school day, arriving onsite as your children leave for the day and working into the evening to ensure there’s no disruption to your schedule. Where possible, we schedule projects for school holiday times. All our employees and installation teams are DBS checked and we are happy to share relevant certification on request.

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