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We create energy for education, by helping schools to cut costs, improve the learning environment and help to save the planet.

Our Projects

Why Schools

We are passionate about the role schools play in educating the next generation about the importance of climate change. We believe in implementing energy efficient & renewable technologies to help teach the future generations solutions to the issue of climate change.

Schools have ageing estates and struggle with increasing costs and budget cuts, leaves little for environmental investment. Eco committees and “switch lights off campaigns” try their hardest, but inefficient technologies and no money compound the challenge.

INECO’s founders all have personal connections and first-hand experience of the education sector. We were founded to help schools who have no money, little time and limited expertise to add value by installing energy efficient & renewable technologies. We have a wealth of expertise to overcome these barriers delivering quality, effortless solutions with no upfront costs, helping schools to focus on educating our next generations.


INECO Energy prides itself on providing better lighting for brighter schools and enhancing the learning environment. In many schools lighting is often old, inefficient and emitting poor levels of light quality which negatively impacts a child’s learning environment. Our bespoke lighting solutions are designed for efficiency to deliver the required light levels, using the least resources to deliver the greatest energy, environmental and financial benefits.

Find out how LED lighting can benefit pupil’s productivity, staff well-being and the planet.


Solar PV

In a single hour, the amount of solar energy that strikes the earth is more than entire world consumes in a year. Why wouldn’t everybody want to use this energy?

Schools are ideally suited for Solar PV as they mainly operate during daylight hours. They also have large roof spaces which can be transformed into energy generating assets. The next generations are the ones who will be most affected by the climate crisis and we believe in educating them with solutions to combat climate change. Solar PV is a simple, green technology which reduces the reliance of grid supplied energy as we strive to emit net zero carbon.


Yes. We can provide a range of DfE approved funding solutions so that there is no upfront capital cost to the school.
We understand that time is a valuable resource and therefore provide a complete wrap around service, including all administration and funding applications.

Installation of our solutions can be done outside of school’s hours, ensuring zero disruption to pupils and staff.
Our detailed surveys and energy consumption assessments help to inform the correct design and solution for your school.

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